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Gnarl is a 2D top-down fighting game prototype in which you will face endless hordes of frog people that you will dispatch with a number of different weapons at your disposal. Play with up to four people and slay the beasts or try out versus mode and battle it out with your friends!

How to play:

You can either play with a gamepad or with your mouse and keyboard, but you can only play multiplayer using multiple gamepads. The UI for casting spells is currently created with gamepads in mind, so if you're playing with a mouse and keyboard setup you can use your spells by pressing the 1234 keys. The rest of the controls you can find in the main menu of the game. Have fun!

Install instructions

To play the game press the download button below and extract the zip file. The file contains an executable file called "Visual Effects", that file is the game. Run it and voila!


BuildGnarl.zip 74 MB

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